Personal Safety

Kiev (Kyiv) is a very safe City compared to most Western countries and it is highly unlikely you will experience any problems. There is of course some petty crime but most incidents are self inflicted through drunken behaviour. Here is a quick check-list of Do's and Don'ts.

  • Do drink responsibly, drunken behaviour will get you arrested.

  • Do keep valuable items out-of-site, and don't flash your cash.

  • Don't leave personal items out-of-site, petty thieves will steal it.

  • Do respect local laws & keep some form of identification with you.

  • Do make a note of Emergency numbers, details can be found Here.

Cost of Living in Kiev (Kyiv)

Kiev (Kyiv) offers you great value for money and is one of the cheapest cities in Europe. Food items are all generally much better value than in the West, and alcohol is very cheap providing you avoid buying imported brands. Travel and Transport is incredibly good value and is fast and reliable. And if you like apples your in for a treat, apples in Ukraine are amongst the cheapest in the world.

Here are a few examples of everyday items:

  • An average meal for 2 will cost approximately $22

  • Domestic Beer (0.5 litre draught) - Approximately $1

  • Regular coffee - Approximately $1

  • Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) - Approximately 50 cents

  • Milk (regular) 1 litre - Approximately 90 cents

  • One-way Ticket (Local public Transport) - Approximately 50 cents

Last updated January 2021 

Good To Know

If you travel all the way to Kiev (Kyiv) it would be a good idea if you checked some basic stuff before leaving. Most important is health related issues. Kiev is a modern city with lots of pharmacists and medical centres. Avoid drinking tap water but it is fine to wash and brush your teeth with. Here is are a few more tips:

  • Take photo-copies of your passport documents & keep them separate from the originals.

  • Time Zones - Ukraine is 2 hours ahead than UK GMT time

  • Electricity -Ukraine’s plugs and wall sockets differ from U.K. and North American and are of the two pin type. The electrical current in Ukraine is 220-260 Volts/50Hz. Be sure to bring your own convertor as most stores in Kiev do not supply them.

  • How much tip to Leave -Come on, don't be mean. Kiev is exceptionally good value so if you are happy with the service then between 10% to 15% is about right.


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