Maidan Nezalezhnosti


Independence Square in Kiev (Kyiv)

Independence square or "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" as it is known is Kiev's (Kyiv) most beautiful square and an excellent place to begin sightseeing. It is situated at the north end of Khreshchatyk Street, which is the main street in Kyiv. Independence Square is most commonly known for staging the events of the Orange revolution in 2004. Most recently it was one of the focal points of the violent revolution in 2014.

At weekends and on public holidays Khreshchatyk Street and Independence square is pedestrianised. Getting to Independence square is easy. Either take the metro to Maidan Nezalezhnosti or metro to Khreschatyk. If you go to Khreshchatyk you will need to turn right as you leave the metro. It is a 5 minute walk. The square is split into two halves divided by the road.

​The best place to take pictures is to remain on the same side as the column and walk toward the shopping centre at the back of the square. Look for a café on the left to the shopping centre entrance. Here you will find some steps. When you get to the top you will have a great view of the square in front of you. For a different camera angle, cross the bridge to your right when facing the square and walk across to the other side of the road.

Independence square in Kiev Ukraine
Independence Square Kiev
Maidan Nezalezhnosti Kiev
Independence Square Kiev
Independence Square Kiev Ukraine

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Maidan Nezalezhnosti Kiev