Restaurants in Kiev (Kyiv) 2021

The Best Restaurants in Kyiv

​You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and price of food and drink in Kiev (Kyiv)

Ukraine is blessed with rich fertile black soil called Chernozem soil, and has an advantageous climate perfect for producing a wide variety of good quality crops, fruits and vegetables. Most good restaurants have air conditioning but during the warmer months it is traditional for Ukrainian's to dine el fresco. Tipping - Generally go for about 10% but use your common sense and tip as appropriate.

Want to eat a tasty meal at lunch time for a ridiculously cheap price? Look out for restaurants advertising "Business lunch". Business lunches are available Monday to Friday, discount cards not applicable.

 Best Restaurants in Kiev

Chicken Kiev Restaurant
Chicken Kiev restaurant in Kiev
Ostannya Barykada
Dogs & Tails Restaurant
Dogs & Tails restaurant in Kiev
Spotykach Restaurant
Spotykach Restaurant in Kiev
Khutorets restaurant in Kiev Ukraine
Restaurant Smorodina
Smorodina restaurant in Kiev
Vapiano Restaurant
Vapiano restaurant in Kiev
Barvy Restaurant & Bar
Barvy restaurant in Kiev Ukraine
Pizzeria Napule
Pizzeria Napule restaurant in Kiev
Kureni Restaurant
Restaurant Kureni in Kiev
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Cheap Eats & snacks

Live like a local and eat like a King. Kiev (Kyiv) will surprise you with the quality of food at insanely great value for money. 

Cafe's & Coffee

Ukrainian's love the café culture and there are many excellent cafe's in Kyiv. Click the link below to discover all the best cafe's and coffee shops in Kiev


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