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Independence Square

From Museums to Monuments & Golden domes to beautiful Parks

Sightseeing in Kiev(Kyiv) 

Kyiv (Kiev) is a wonderful city to explore as there are so many amazing attractions in such achievable distances from each other.

Kiev (Kyiv) is the third greenest capital city in Europe and is considered to be one of the oldest and most beautiful. You will find many parks and romantic tree lined boulevards, and it is especially beautiful in spring and autumn. It is built mostly on hills overlooking the river Dnipro, so a good pair of walking shoes is recommended. This is a city steeped in history and bursting with culture. Golden domed churches and Soviet Statues share prominence with new modern buildings heralding an era of modern independent Ukraine. There are more than 100 museums, innumerable theatres, ballet, opera and art galleries, a city you will never tire of. The art and architecture of Kiev (Kyiv) are considered world treasures and is listed on UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site. Here you will find everything you nee to know about sightseeing in Kiev Ukraine.

Best sightseeing attractions in Kiev (Kyiv)

Kyiv is often described as a "village"! The city itself is much less spread out than many other capitals, so you won’t need to travel around so much and waste time on transport. Here you will find all the best sightseeing attractions in Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine.

One Street Museum
Museums in Kyiv

Kiev is steeped in history and rich in culture. Museums in Kiev are incredibly good value. Not only that, there are so many to choose from. 

Khreschatyk Park Kiev

It may surprise you to know that Kiev is one of the greenest capital city's in Europe. You will never be far away from a park or garden in Kiev so make sure you add this to your sightseeing list.

Independence Square
Monuments in Kyiv

No trip to Kiev is complete without a little sightseeing. Ukraine became independent in 1991 but the soviet legacy can be seen all around. Imposing post soviet monuments ... 

Wall Mural

Kiev has one of the most exciting art scenes in Europe. From street art to fine art, post soviet art to modern Ukrainian art centres. Here you will find the best art galleries in Kiev.

St. Michael's Monastery Kiev
Golden Domes in Kyiv

You don't have to be religious to appreciate the stunning beauty and awe inspiring grandeur of the churches and monasteries in Kiev. No sightseeing visit would be complete without a visit to ...

Jewish festival in Kiev Ukraine

Jewish settlements in Ukraine can be traced back to the 8th century and today Ukraine is home to the fourth largest Jewish community in Europe. When sightseeing in Kiev you ...

Top 5 must see sightseeing places in Kiev (Kyiv)

Motherland Monument Kiev Ukraine

Top 5 Monuments in Kiev (Kyiv)

Pechersk Lavra

Top 5 Tourist attractions in Kyiv

Fountain in Kiev Park

Top 5 Parks & Gardens in Kyiv

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