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Breads & Pastries

Ukrainian Bread & Pastries

For Ukrainians bread has always been a symbol of well-being and prosperity, it was believed to have been a gift of God. Ukraine in Soviet times was referred to as the “Bread basket of Europe”. The exceptionally fertile soil and the advantageous growing conditions are ideal for growing wheat and grain. Even today, bread plays an important role in culture and traditional ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Bread is a sign of Ukrainian hospitality and is ceremonially offered to honoured guests.


Pampushky - Ukrainian garlic bread. The word "Pampushka" in Ukrainian can be used to describe a gorgeous plump woman. It exactly describes these plump cushions of Ukrainian garlic bread. Traditionally it is served with red borshch ... Delicious!

Best Bakeries in Kiev (Kyiv)

A perfect place to start your day with fresh bread and tasty pastries. Also has a large variety of desserts, cakes, croissants, and sandwiches that can appeal to everyone's taste. The prices are quite reasonable but a little more expensive than some places, but the quality is high and service is good.

Artisan boulangerie Kiev Ukraine

Wolkonsky patisserie near the Main Street Khreschatyk in Kyiv (Kiev) is part of a chain of cafe's. It is slightly upmarket and prices reflect this but still cheaper than equivalent in Western Europe. Tasty food, nice snacks and decent coffee and a good place for breakfast but more ideal for a special occasion.

Wolkonsky Patisserie Kiev
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