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Funicular in Kiev Ukraine

Funicular in Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine

The romance of travelling a bygone era

Locals will tell you that travelling the funicular in Kyiv (Kiev) is as as it was in their childhood. The funicular connects the historic upper town, and the lower district of Podil through the steep Volodymyrska Hill overlooking the Dnieper River.

This is a beautiful funicular, constructed during 1902 – 1905, and was first opened to the public on the 7th May 1905. It is a fun and relaxed short journey, the total track length is 238 metres and each trip lasts about 3 minutes.

You should absolutely make this part of your sightseeing itinerary. 

How to get to the Funicular in Kyiv

There are two ways of getting to the Funicular but we suggest you start at the lower Poshtova station. The funicular is next to Poshtova Ploshcha metro on the blue line so take the metro to there and as you exit you will see the funicular to your left.

Take the 3 minute journey up the hill and you will arrive at the top of the hill near St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. Once you reach the top we suggest you head for the park on your left which takes you to a park called Parkova Dorcha. From here you will be able to walk to the Friendship of Nations Arch. Alternatively you could walk down Andriyivskyy Descent and seek out the cool cafe's, museum's and art galleries.

Funicular in Kiev
How to buy tickets

The cost of the ticket is ridiculously cheap (8UAH one way – the equivalent of 21p GBP, 0.28 Euros, $0.30 USD). 

Once you are inside the Funicular station you will see a cash desk in front of you. At peak times and at the height of tourist season it can get quite busy so you may have to join a queue and wait for an available space. The journey only takes about 3 minutes so you will not have to wait long. Once you have paid you will be given a small token to put into the turnstile then just walk up the steps to enter the funicular car.

Funicular in Kiev Ukraine
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