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Kiev Ukraine

Regions of Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine

Kyiv City

Kiev (Kyiv) is split into different regions 

Kiev (Kyiv) is made up of a number of distinct districts and is also split into a left and right bank by the river Dnipro. The Right Bank is situated on the western side of the river and contains the older parts of the city, as well as the majority of Kiev's business and government institutions. The East bank on the left is primarily residential. Each district has own unique character and as Kyiv grows, districts shift and change. Some of the most well known are: Khreschatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti,  Podil,  Andriivskiy Descent & Vozdvizhenka, Universytet, Pechersk Lypky, Olimpiyskiy, Zoloti Vorota.


Khreschatyk (Ukrainian Хрещатик) is the main street in Kyiv. Geographically speaking, Khreschatyk connects Bessarab’ska Square to the south and European Square to the north.


Independence Square is on this street and has special historical significance.During weekends and public holidays, Khreschatyk is closed to traffic and becomes pedestrian only. Khreschatyk is an ideal starting point to explore the many interesting sights of Kiev.

Khreshatyk Kiev Ukraine

Maidan Nezalezhnosti 

(Ukrainian for Independence Square), is the central square of Kiev (Kyiv) and hold special recent historical significance. 

At the heart of the square is the Independence monument. The monument was built in 2001 to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. It stands 61 metres tall (200ft) and has often become the focal point of demonstrations and protests. 

Independence Square is most commonly known for staging the events of the Orange revolution in 2004. Most recently it was one of the focal points of the violent revolution in 2014.

Independence Square


Podil is the oldest district in Kiev and has many historical landmarks and important architecture. It is crammed full of art gallery's, cafe's, craft stalls, bars, restaurants, theatres and museums. 

A great was to explore the area is to take the metro to Poshtova Ploscha. As you leave the metro you will see the Funicular which you can ride to connect you with the historic opera part of the town. There are lots of interesting places to visit but beware, there are steep streets and uneven surfaces so wear good walking shoes.

St Andrews descent

Pecherka Lavra

The district and surrounding area of the Pechersk Lavra is like a city within a city. Historically the Pechersk Lavra was the birth place of christianity in Easter Europe.The Lavra has historical status recognised by UNESCO and is now a protected world Heritage site.

Next to the Pechersk Lavra is the awesome Military Park where you will be able to see the "Motherland monument" in all its glory.

This area is not easy to get to, nearest metro is Arsenalna. There are some fantastic viewing points so make sure you grab your camera.

Pechersk Lavra
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