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Car Travel in Ukraine

Taxi & Car Travel in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine

Travelling by Car in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine

Ukraine operates a zero tolerance policy on drink driving. The road infrastructure is improving, travel to and from the airports is pretty good. But try to avoid driving into urban areas as the roads can be in a very poor state of repair. Driving standards are not always great, there are a high number of road accidents so take care

Standards of Taxi's in Kiev (Kyiv) vary enormously. Most problems arise when catching a private taxi in the street and not agreeing a price beforehand. Always agree the price before you get into the taxi and walk away from taxi drivers who shout and intimidate.

Generally Taxi and car travel in Kiev (Kyiv) is very affordable, quick and reliable.


Many taxi drivers do not speak English. Keep the name and address of your destination on a piece of paper to show your driver. And remember, taxi prices are negotiable so do not accept a fare if you think you are being ripped-off.

Local Taxi in Kiev (Kyiv)

Taxi's are very cheap and affordable in Kiev (Kyiv) but if you are ordering on the street you will pay much more by choosing taxi drivers near "hot spots" such as clubs, pubs, restaurants and major tourist sights. Drivers in these hotspots will have agreed a minimum fee to charge and are sometimes double the usual fair. A cheap and reliable alternative is to order a taxi from an established company. 

Taxi in Kiev

Uber & Uklon in Kiev (Kyiv)

Uber arrived in Kiev (Kyiv) June 2016 and the community is still growing and set to get bigger in 2021. If you intend to use Uber then please be aware that your PayPal account does not work in Ukraine and you will have to register via Credit Card. There is also a local equivalent to Uber called Uklon. It will only work with a Ukrainian mobile sim phone and you will need to download the app.


Uber in Kiev Ukraine

Best Taxi in Kiev (Kyiv) 

Lingo Taxi
Alpha Taxi
Taxi 838
Express Taxi

Kiev (Kyiv) Airport Transfer

Booking a Taxi at arrivals in Kiev used to be a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully things have now improved. Both Boryspil and Zhuliany airports have an official Taxi booking desk. The price will be a little more expensive than some private Taxi's, but the easiest and most convenient. Alternatively you can go native and negotiate with a private taxi driver, but don't be shocked when you get to see the condition of the car. 

Here are two of the best English speaking Airport transfer services. More expensive than the average but decent car and professional service guaranteed.

My Transfer
Safe Airport Transfer
Taxi Kiev Ukraine
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