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White apple hotdog

Best Cheap Eats in Kyiv Ukraine

Kiev (Kyiv) is a budget travellers best friend. It is absolutely possible to eat tasty fresh food at incredibly cheap prices . Kiev has seen an explosion of high quality 1 euro bars and cheap eateries over the past few years. Here you will find a selection of the best and cheapest cafe's and restaurants in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine.


Want to eat well, quickly and for a ridiculously cheap price? Easy - just find a restaurant advertising "business lunch". The lunch usually includes soup, main course, salad and a drink. Business lunches are available Monday to Friday, discount cards not applicable.

So here's the deal. Gourmet Hot Dog Classic or vegan, pie with chicken or apple and oysters for no more than a euro per item. Then wash it down with some delicious cider, apple liqueur or lemonade, again all at less than a euro per item. 

Biliy Nalyv is the brainchild of Dmytro Borysov, a chef who owns a string of  modern dish restaurants in Ukraine. The menu is limited but the product is amazing. It is located just 5 minutes from Khreshatyk metro opposite Tsum department store on Khreschatyk street. Very popular so expect a queue. 

Biliy Nalyv

Another brilliant cheap eat from the highly acclaimed restaurateur Dmytro Borysov. 

Kanapka Bar is a small cosy cafe type restaurant with a charming terrace. It's a hidden gem, hard to find located about half way down Andriyivskyy Descent. 

Expect brilliantly created dishes for ridiculously low prices. Varied snack type menu including canapes , tuna sandwich, surf & turf burger, four cheeses and Margarita pizzas, oysters & delicious desserts. Then try some delicious cider or sparkling wine. Has a really relaxed chilled feel here. Super place!


This is the Ukrainian equivalent to Mcdonalds, except Puzata Hata is ten times better and much healthier. Food is served to you by staff behind a counter or from tables and fridges placed along the route to the dining area. It's a bit like an up-market version of school dinners but much more fun.

Puzata Hata is a chain of large restaurants serving cheap "yummy" Ukrainian food. Hot food and salads are fresh, desserts delicious and they also sell alcohol. Not much English spoken but pointing, smiling and terrible attempts at speaking Ukrainian/Russian are perfectly acceptable.

Puzata Hata

If your looking for something a bit more classier then LIKE A LOCAL'S wine bar is a great place to try some awesome Ukrainian wines and snacks at very moderate prices.

If you buy imported wines and cheeses in Ukraine it can be very expensive. But if you buy Ukrainian wine and food you will discover it is much cheaper and surprisingly very good.

It's a small cosy bar located in central Kiev (Kyiv) near Ploscha Lva Tolstoho metro station. Best to reserve a table if you re 3-4 persons, can also get full and a little noisy in the evenings.  

Like a Local Wine Bar

If your on the main street Khreschatyk and your yearning for a good quality fresh burgers or hot dog then Mr. Grill Hotdogs & Burgers is a pretty good choice. 

Like much of the food in Ukraine today, the chef's in this place are doing there best reinventing the humble hotdog and burger with new and innovative ideas and flavour combinations. Of course you could go to McDonald's next to Khreschatyk metro station, but this place in our opinion is much better.

Located close to Independence square in the direction of European square.

Mr. Grill Hotdogs & Burgers
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