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Ukrainian Cuisine

Best European Restaurants in Kyiv

Forget about what you THINK you know about Eastern European food. Kiev (Kyiv) is a modern dynamic city and today Ukrainian cuisine reflects that modern progressive image. Restaurants in Kiev have been inspired to create European dishes with a unique Ukrainian twist. You will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of food, fantastic quality of produce and the great customer service in Kiev Ukraine. Here you will find the Best European restaurants in Kiev.


It is always best to book a table in advance, especially if you plan  eating on Friday and Saturday nights. Some restaurants have begun adding in the service charge so check your bill. Tipping is optional and usually about 10% is seen as normal.

Pizzeria Napule is quite simply the best Italian Pizza and Italian food restaurant you will find in Kiev (Kyiv). The restaurant speciality is the thin crust Neapolitan pizza which (my Italian friend tells me) is "just like mamma used to make". Pizza Napule was the first Ukrainian pizzeria to receive Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana certificate confirming that their pizza is authentically Neapolitan. And the chef-pizzaiolo who was born in Naples controls the quality of pizzas (dough and ingredients) every day.

Location details 

Pizzeria Napule

Get your finest dining clothes on and indulge yourself in 5 star cuisine at the 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

If your looking for a panoramic roof top restaurant dining experience in an amazing central location then this has to be high on your list. 

Exclusive signature cocktails and cuisine that blends the finest Ukrainian traditions with modern European culinary trends with a creative approach.

Of course it is expensive by Ukraine standards but this is one of the best restaurants in Ukraine.

Perfect for a special occasion.

11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant

If you like Middle Eastern food centrally located just off the main street Khreshatyk in Kiev (Kyiv) then Musafir Restaurant is an absolute must.

It is owned by a family who had this restaurant in Crimea before Russia invaded Ukraine and occupied the territory. The food is a fusion between Georgian, Moldovian, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. 

Everything is incredibly delicious and the service is friendly and efficient. What's more is that it is incredibly good value. 

Book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Musafir Middle Eastern Restaurant
Musafir Restaurant

Best Georgian restaurant in Kiev (Kyiv). If you have never eaten Georgian food or drank Georgian wine then you are definitely in for a treat. The food here is delicious, fresh and tasty. And for sure you must try some Georgian wine. There is an extensive wine list but the attentive staff will be only to pleased to guide you to the right choice. It is situated in a central location not far from Taras Shevchenko national University of Kyiv. This is an authentic Georgian restaurant, friendly staff and great service. Prices are a little higher than the average for Kyiv, but you will not be disappointed.

Chachapuri Restaurant

Restaurant Smorodina is situated on the left bank away from the main tourist route which is on the right bank. Great location on an embankment by the riverside. The quality of the food is excellent and cooking takes place in an open kitchen so you can see your food being prepared. Nice relaxed atmosphere, attentive service and a perfect place to enjoy a romantic meal or a table with friends. Very nice terrace with a park view facing the river where smoking is allowed. Slightly expensive by local standards but very affordable compared to Western prices and worth paying the extra for.


Best Turkish food in Kiev (Kyiv).

Kebab Dash is a halal restaurant serving the best traditional Turkish dishes in Kyiv. The meat dishes are cooked on an open fire, tender tasty aromatic chunks of deliciousness. There are lots of tasty dishes to choose from but we especially recommend Tavuk sis & Kuzu sis. This is a good place for lunch or evening meal. Great value super Turkish restaurant.

Located in the centre of Kiev (Kyiv) but a little bit hidden away. Nearest metro station is Olimpiiska.

Dash Kebab
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