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Pampushky bread in Kiev Ukraine

Best Restaurants in Kiev (Kyiv) & Ukrainian Cuisine

Kiev (Kyiv) is a modern dynamic city where Eastern European culture collides with modern Western European expectations. Ukraine, and in particular Kiev, is rapidly changing and creating it's own identity. Fashion and food, shopping and restaurants no longer cling to the old soviet past, but embrace the modern era. You will find fantastic restaurants with excellent food at incredible value for money. You can shop until you drop at interesting markets or exclusive designer stores. Kiev offers something for everyone and much more than you would expect.

If you have never tasted delicious borscht or had a shot of Ukrainian vodka with salo then you have not lived.

CLICK HERE to find out all you need to know about Ukrainian cuisine.

Ukrainian Cuisine
Best restaurants in Kiev

Kiev (Kyiv) has a bewildering amount of restaurants to choose from. Generally the standards of food and service are very high. 

CLICK HERE to discover the very best restaurants in Kiev Ukraine.

River Grill restaurant

Ukrainian's love the café culture and there are many excellent cafe's in Kiev (Kyiv).

CLICK HERE to discover the very best Cafe's in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine.

Soul cafe

Imagine getting a gourmet hotdog or burger plus cider and a small dessert for less than a beer back home. 

Welcome to Kiev (Kyiv). CLICK HERE to find the best cheap eats in Kiev.

White apple

Take me Shopping in Kyiv

Department Stores

Department Stores

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls



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