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Hedgehog monument in Kiev Ukraine

Hedgehog Monument Kiev

The statue was created by Kyiv (Kiev) Landscape initiative. It was erected in honour of the 1975 cartoon which was named the worlds best animated film in 2003. It is much loved by Eastern Europeans who grew-up watching this cute cartoon. 

The Hedgehog monument is situated near Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota metro) at the crossroads of Zolotovoritska, Reytarska, and Heorhiyivska streets.

Hedgehog Monument in Kyiv(Kiev)

The enchanting tale of Hedgehog in the fog

The Hedgehog monument in Kiev (Kyiv) is a beloved character of a former soviet award winning cartoon.

The story centres around a little hedgehog (narrated by Maria Vinogradova), who visits his friend the bear cub every evening to talk about the stars and drink tea. On this particular day the hedgehog decides to bring the bear cub some raspberry jam. Hedgehog enters a forest but unbeknown to hedgehog is a sinister looking eagle-owl following him. As he passes through the forest hedgehog encounters a beautiful white horse standing in the fog. Hedgehog worries that the horse will drown if he falls asleep in the fog. Hedgehog becomes curious and decides to explore the fog for himself.

The fog thickens and eventually he can hardly see anything in front of him. As he slowly moves forward he catches glimpses of objects and creatures. Hedgehog finds himself in a surreal and scary place of silence and movement, and creatures who are both enchanting and dangerous.

Suddenly the eagle-owl appears near hedgehog and hoots, then disappears. Hedgehog is frightened but his curiosity drives him further into the unknown. In the distance a faint voice calls out for him but hedgehog is disorientated, and then discovers he has lost the raspberry jam. Fortunately large dog finds him and much to the relief of hedgehog he returns the jam.

Suddenly, blinded by the fog  the little hedgehog falls into the river. He believes he will drown but floats on his back and is rescued by a fish and put back on-shore. Eventually hedgehog finds his old friend the bear-cub sitting by the camp fire drinking tea. The bear - cub explains he was worried about him and was calling to him. They sit together drinking tea, the bear -cub talks and the hedgehog wonders about the mysterious white horse.

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