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Monument to Eternal Love

Монумент Вічному Коханню

Kiev (Kyiv) is full of love and romance and nothing embodies that more than the statue of Ukrainian Mokryna Yurzuk and an Italian Luigi Peduto. It all started in 1943 when Mokryna and Luigi who were both prisoners of war in an Austrian military camp. Mokryna became fond of Luigi, she brought him food and Luigi sewed hats and clothes to try and impress her. They fell deeply in love, but when the camp was liberated in 1945, Mokryna was sent back to Ukraine and Luigi was forbidden to join her.

 Статуя Луїджи Педутто та Мокрини Юржук

Luigi was heart broken He kept a lock of Mokryna's hair, her address and held onto a wish to be with her once again.


Forced apart life took them both in different directions. They both created their own families, had children, and then both became a widower and a widow. It was more than 60 years but Luigi could not forget about his love Mokryna. In 2004 in a desperate attempt to find her he asked an Italian reality show called "wait for me" to try and reunite them.


Incredibly, after all the years that had passed Mokryna was found. Luigi passed away in 2013 and Mokryna followed him in 2015.  

The statue is situated on one side of "Lovers Bridge" in Mariinsky park. It is beautifully sculptured, inspirational and heartwarming. A testament to eternal love.

Luigi Peduto, and Mokryna Yurzuk Statue
Lovers Bridge Kiev Ukraine
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