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Covid-19 Medical Insurance in Ukraine

Covid-19 quarantine restrictions have been implemented in Ukraine but conditions are easing. At present visitors can enter Ukraine but must have a valid health insurance document recognised by the Ukrainian authorities. You can only purchase this health insurance through Ukrainian operators.

Ukraine Medical Insurance

Every foreigner arriving in the country is required to have Travel insurance that can cover medical costs related to Covid-19. It does not matter where you buy your insurance from. What matters is that the package you purchase is sold by an insurance company that is either registered in Ukraine or that has a representative office or partner in Ukraine.

Documents can be purchased online before you travel.

Covid-19 Medical Insurance in Ukraine

So the key things to consider are:

  • Entering Ukraine without a medical insurance policy is prohibited.

  • Insurance can only be purchased through Ukrainian operators.

  • Must be purchased prior to arrival and presented at the border.

  • The policy must cover the costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19  for the entire duration of your stay in Ukraine.

  • If possible, register your trip with your country embassy.


Medical Insurance Providers
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