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Holodomor Museum

Holodomor Museum Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine

Holodomor Victims Memorial

A hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving experience that is sure to equally enlighten and deeply sadden you. 

The National Museum of Holodomor is situated amongst the  picturesque Pechersk Hills, one of Kyiv’s most beautiful and ancient places high on the bank of the river Dnieper.It is also close to the Park of Eternal Glory near the Pechersk Lavra and the Great Patriotic War museum. 

The museum consists of a memorial complex and underground Hall of Memory that houses permanent exhibitions and articles from the Holodomor period. The entrance to the memorial complex is framed by two statues of angels, referred to as the Angels of Sorrow. In front of the complex stands a deeply sad figure of a young girl. The statue, named the Bitter Memory of Childhood, represents the most vulnerable victims of starvation – children.

Holodomor monument

How to Get There & What to See

A good way to explore this area is to make a whole day of it and visit all the attractions close by. The nearest metro station is Arsenalna. When you exit the metro station turn left and walk towards the The Park of Eternal Glory to the Soldiers of The World War II. It will take you about 10 mins walk before you go under a subway and exit directly in front of the park. 

Enter the park and walk towards the monument of Eternal Glory at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier. On your left you will see a platform with amazing views over Kiev (Kyiv). In front you will see the Holodomor memorial complex. You can walk towards it passing yet another viewing platform.  

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