Welcome To Kiev (Kyiv) 2020

Coronavirus/Covid19 Update 21/05/20

19,706 cases, 579 deaths, 6,227 recovered

The situation in Ukraine is stabilising but still concerning. Compared to the rest of Europe, Ukraine has managed the pandemic reasonably well..

Ukraine has extended quarantine until June 22 and is planning on easing restrictions under a new “adaptive quarantine” plan. on May 22nd. The government will ease restrictions every 10 days for oblasts that meet certain criteria up until June 22. Presently there are some cafe's open but generally most businesses are still closed. Ukraine government has stated it will reopen 66 border checkpoints with European Union countries and Moldova . Presently the official message is to Avoid non-essential travel until further notice

You can find more information about situation in Ukraine on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: For more information please visit Ukraine Government Portal  

Information courtesy of GOV.UK

The Best of Kiev all in one place

Kiev - Kyiv in Ukraine is the most underrated tourist destination in Europe. In recent years there has been a steady increase in visitors and the capital city of Kiev is developing a tourist industry to rival anywhere else in Eastern and western Europe. Kyiv offers some big advantages over other European cities. Ukraine is not part of the EU and is much cheaper than almost every other country in Europe. In Kiev you can enjoy the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs and just about everything else on a reasonable budget. One of the most surprising things about Kyiv is the quality of the food and nightlife. You will never get bored in Kiev (Kyiv), it is a fascinating city for sightseeing and entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Come visit Kyiv before everyone else discovers Eastern Europe's best kept secret.  

Visiting Kiev Ukraine as a tourist can be difficult if you are not prepared for the unexpected. Look out for " Hot Tips" across the site advising invaluable key help and information. 

The War in Ukraine

The war in the East of Ukraine is more than 700 km away. You might see the occasional military personnel and the odd public demonstration but not much more. Life in Kyiv (Kiev) carries on as normal. 

Kiev has been an independent country since 1991 and most Ukrainian's are pro-west and anti Russian.







Kiev Ukraine - Top 5 Tips

1) When changing currency in Kiev (Kyiv) use only unmarked clean crisp notes.
2) Take a spare phone and buy a SIM card, they are very cheap.
3) Kiev has many hills, take a comfortable pair of walking shoes.
4) Take care drinking alcohol in Kiev (Kyiv), alcohol content is stronger than at home.
5) Drink bottled water in Kiev Ukraine. Tap water will not kill you but might upset your stomach.

Tour Guide & Translator

Do you need a tour guide in Kiev (Kyiv)  or translation service?

Whether you are visiting Kyiv for business, health tourism or  or for a vacation, Helen is our local friendly fluent English speaking translator. Whatever your needs, Helen can provide you with assistance and support during your stay in Kyiv. For all enquiries please Contact us Below


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