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Kiev Metro

Travel & Transport in Kiev (Kyiv)

How to get around Kyiv (Kiev)

Kiev (Kyiv) has one of the best public transport systems of any capital city. It is fast, reliable and cheap. Most popular forms of transport are metro, buses, marshrutkas (small mini-buses), trolleybuses, trams, and a funicular. Typically public transport works from 6 am until 12 pm depending on the type of transport and destination.

Kiev (Kyiv) Train Station

Kiev (Kyiv) train Station comprises of two stations (Central and Southern); one on each side of the tracks, linked by a bridge. The official name of the station is Kiev Passenger Railway Station (Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi). The Kyiv Boryspil Express train runs once or twice an hour between the airport and the main railway station Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi, the only stop is Darnytsia 20 minutes into the journey. Travel time from Kiev Boryspil Airport to Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi is about 40 minutes.

Kiev Train Station

Metro in Kiev (Kyiv)

The Metro in Kiev (Kyiv) is a super cheap, fast and reliable way to travel around Kiev (Kyiv). Discover some of the world's deepest and most beautiful metro stations.

It is easy to navigate as there are only three main metro lines and maps in the trains are translated into English.

Khreschatyk Metro Station Kiev

Funicular in Kiev (Kyiv)

The Kiev (Kyiv) funicular was constructed during 1902 – 1905, and was first opened to the public on the 7th May 1905. It is a fun and relaxed short journey, the total track length is 238 metres and each trip lasts about 3 minutes. The nearest metro station to the funicular is Poshtova Ploscha.

Kiev Funicular

Trams & Buses in Kiev (Kyiv)

The backbone of Ukraine and the favoured method of transport for locals. They are very cheap, frequent and an interesting way to experience everyday Ukrainian life.

Local buses "Mashrutkas" are the cheapest way to travel but can get over crowded. Newer buses & trams offer a more comfortable ride.

Kiev Trolley Bus

Taxi & Car Travel

Generally Taxi and car travel in Kiev (Kyiv) is very affordable, quick and reliable. 

Standards of Taxi's in Kiev (Kyiv) vary enormously. Most problems arise when catching a private taxi in the street and not agreeing a price beforehand.

Taxi in Kiev
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