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Reliable, affordable and lots of fun

Kiev (Kyiv) has one of the best transport systems of any capital city. It is fast, reliable and cheap. The roads can get very congested so if you are travelling in central Kiev then the metro is usually the quickest and most reliable. At peak travelling times public transport in Kiev can get very busy. Being in a congested space can be an ideal opportunity for pick-pockets so keep valuables out of sight and close to you.

How to get around Kiev

Kiev is a very easy city to travel around and much of the time everything you want to see will be in achievable walking distance. Travelling on public transport in Kiev is very cheap and great fun and you should certainly make it part of your itinerary of things to do. For example, you should visit Arselnalna Metro station which is the deepest metro station in the world, it also has the second largest escalator of any country. And take a scenic ride on the famous Kiev funicular which connects Mykhailivska Square in the Upper town to Poshtova Square in historic Podil. The most popular means of public transport are Kiev Metro (underground), buses, trolleybuses, trams and mashrutkas (small mini-buses). Purchasing tickets can be confusing, how much does it cost, where do I get them.

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