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Bus tickets Kiev Ukraine

Trams & Buses in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine

Cheap reliable public transport in Kiev (Kyiv)

The backbone of Ukraine and the favoured method of transport for the locals. They are very cheap, frequent and an interesting way to experience everyday Ukrainian life. New buses have been added to the fleet but some of the older buses are often over-crowded and uncomfortable. Since the pandemic there has been steps to limit the use of handling cash. On trams and buses you will need to use a travel card. If you board a marshrutka you can still pay by cash. 



Marshrutkas are the cheapest and most popular form of public transport for locals. Basically they are old soviet style mini buses used for short journeys between towns and cities. 

Getting a ride on a marshrutka can be both challenging and fun. Once your on the bus you hand your cash directly to the driver. If you are unlucky enough to get on through the back doors you will need to pass your cash to the person in front, who will in-turn pass your money along the passengers to the driver. Change will come back via the same route. It's not particularly comfortable or fast and you may have to stand, but they are very cheap costing between 6 UAH to 8 UAH (about 18p in UK money). 

Marshrutka bus

Trolley Buses in Kiev

Riding a Trolleybus in Kiev (Kyiv) invokes memories of a bygone era and is an almost romantic way of travelling. Trolleybuses in Kyiv are electric-driven buses that draw their power from overhead wires. Tickets can be purchased on-board or you can use the Kyiv Smart Card: One ticket for all Kyiv public transport

Trolley bus in Kiev Ukraine

Buses in Kiev Ukraine

Travelling by bus in Kiev and Ukraine is very cheap compared to western Europe. Buses in Kiev vary from comfortable long-distance air conditioned vehicles to old diesel fume belching wrecks that shouldn’t be allowed on the road. Generally in central Kiev (Kyiv) there are plenty of modern buses that are clean & comfortable, especially around the tourist areas. If you want to travel to other cities or countries then international buses depart at Kyiv’s central bus station 

Demiivska Square.  You can buy tickets at the bus station but also available online to assure a seat.

Public transport in Kiev Ukraine

Trams in Kiev

Kiev (Kyiv) was the first city in the former Russian Empire and the third one in Europe after Berlin and Budapest to have introduced electric trams. They have been in operation in Kiev since 1892 but now there are only 2 lines left and much of the route has been replaced with buses. The most scenic route is route 18, which takes just over an hour. It ends up in Pushcha-Vodytsia, an area of forests and lakes & is acknowledged as Ukraine's most scenic tram ride.

Tram in Kiev Ukraine
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