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LGBT in Kiev Ukraine

LGBT Community in KyiV

LGBT Rights in Ukraine 2022

LGBT in Kiev

The Ukrainian capital Kiev (Kyiv) is the main centre of gay and lesbian life. Kyiv is a modern vibrant city with a population in excess of 3 million which attracts more open mindedness and acceptance than in rural areas. During the Soviet era sexual relations different from the 'officially' recognized (heterosexual) were labelled as abnormal. Some remnants of the soviet mentality still remain and you should take special care not to make your sexuality obvious in public areas. The Gay scene in Kiev is in its infancy as Ukrainians begin to establish their own culture and identity. Homophobic and antiquated ideals are still prevalent but encouragingly year by year Ukraine is making slow progress in evolving to a more open minded and accepting society.



Ukraine is fundamentally a conservative country, but surprisingly one of the first Eastern European countries to legalise homosexuality shortly after independence in 1991.The Gay scene in Kiev (Kyiv) is fairly modest as Ukraine is still in the early stages of establishing it's own culture and identity. Open homosexuality in Kyiv is rare as Ukraine suffers from an antiquated attitude towards the gay community. But slowly Ukrainian society is evolving to a more open minded and tolerant culture.
Kyiv and Ukraine is at the beginning of a new era of freedom of expression. The gay community is warm and enthused by Western tourism. Be sensible, stay safe and you will have a wonderfully unique and unforgettable time in Kiev (Kyiv).

Gay & Lesbian Friendly Bars & Clubs in Kiev (Kyiv)

Lift Gay Club
Address: Velyka Vasylkivska St, 72А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03150
Telephone: +380 93 044 5091
Lift gay Club Kiev

Lift Dance & Nightclub

Not the easiest place to find and location can be a bit unnerving as there are no signs that lead you directly to the club. You will need to go down Antonovycha St. and look for an alley way. It is not a particularly well lit alley but at some point you should reach a business centre. You will need to go up to the 4th floor. Security is strict (good thing) but sometimes they can be a bit unreasonable (bad thing). 

The club has a good atmosphere Friday and Saturday during the weekdays more of a bar. Seems the best time to go is after 1 am as before that not many people. 

Kyiv Pride 2022

Kyiv Pride

Kyiv Pride is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that aims at contributing to full respect for human rights for LGBT+ in Ukraine, at encouraging an appreciation for these rights by raising LGBT+ visibility and their participation in social processes. In addition to its activities throughout the year, NGO “Kyiv Pride” organizes an annual event called the Kyiv Pride-week.

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