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Ukraine is undergoing historic political, economic, and social transformation. However, despite improvements, quality and prices of Hotels and apartments in Kiev (Kyiv) can vary dramatically. Ukraine does not have the same standards of evaluation as Western Europe and some accommodation owners claim higher ratings and standards than is true. Here you will find only the best accommodation in Kyiv.

Warning!! Air bnb - We have heard of instances where rooms offered are cancelled at the last moment and different options offered. Take care to research your host before booking.


Hotels are either state-run or privately owned. As tourism becomes increasingly more popular, larger recognisable Hotel chains are opening in ever increasing numbers. Prices vary radically and at the high-end prices are the equivalent to most Western capitals. Prostitution in Ukraine is illegal but widespread and largely ignored by the government. Do not be surprised to see girls working in hotel lobbies or a strip club on the premises.


Renting an apartment on a long-or-short term basis is an excellent alternative to hotels and can be found almost everywhere. Prices vary according to location and size of apartment, but prices are usually 50%- 60% cheaper than hotels.

Youth Hostels and Budget Accommodation

A low-cost alternative for those who are on a tight budget. There is a wide choice of excellent accommodation in ideal locations in Kiev at very reasonable prices. Many of the properties appear unimpressive from the outside, but once inside you will be pleasantly surprised. Budget accommodation is available to everyone, not just young people.

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