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Kyiv Churches & Cathedrals

Kyiv's Golden Domes

Beautiful Golden Domes and Stunning Churches

No trip to Kiev (Kyiv) is complete without a visit to the Pechersk Lavra, or as it is also known, the Kiev monastery of the caves. It was founded during the Kievan Rus period in 1051. For Orthodox Christians the Kiev Pechersk Lavra has become the third most important religious  site in the world after Jerusalem and Holy Mount Athos.

The Pechersk Lavra is the birth place of orthodox Christianity and the site of the most famous and sacred monastery in Eastern Europe. The golden domed monasteries and cathedrals of the Lavra have unique cultural and historical status recognised by UNESCO and is now a protected world Heritage site. Religion and spirituality run deep in Ukrainian culture, and you can find many beautiful monasteries, cathedrals and churches all around Kiev.

No visit to Kyiv (Kiev) is complete until you have visited the Pechersk Lavra. This is a hugely impressive place of deep historical significance. You can also tie this visit in with visiting Holodomor Museum and the incredidle Military Park

Best Churches and Cathedrals in Kyiv (Kiev)


It is comprised of two parts, the Upper Lavra and the Lower Lavra. The Upper Lavra consists of museums and historical .......

ST. Andrews CHURCH

Part of the experience of visiting this church is walking up the old and historic Andriyivs'kyi Uzviz,

Kyiv's answer to "Monmartre"...


St. Michaels Monastery in Kyiv is a special place of beauty and calm and not to be missed. St. Michaels monastery includes ...


This stunning Cathedral is part of the  World Heritage Site situated in an area of outstanding beauty. .....


A beautiful Cathedral both inside and out, situated on a leafy boulevard near Shevchenko University. It is a modern Catholic Ukrainian Orthodox church that replaced the old building ........


Hard to get to but very much worth the effort. St. Cyril's Monastery was built in 1139 and is one of three buildings still remaining from the Tatar Mongol conquest. The monastery suffered a harsh .....

Askold's Grave

Askold Grave in Kiev - Kyiv is part of a beautiful park complex on the river Dnieper's right-bank and is located between Dnieper descent and Mariininskiy park.It is a significantly historical and cultural site in Ukraine, surrounded by legends and mythical stories of ancient Kyiv.

The Legend goes that in this place in 882 Prince Oleg of Novgorod in order to seize power in Kyiv murdered Varyag Askold. According to the legend, Askold was buried here and has since become known as Askold’s grave.

It is not an easy place to find as it is a bit out-of-the-way. The nearest metro station is Arsenalna but it's a good 20 minute walk to get to Askold's grave from the station. When you leave the station turn left, when you reach "The Park of Eternal Glory" (just the other side of the underpass) you will need to turn left again. Look for a hill going downwards and keep to the right. At the bottom of the hill you will see a small church and just across the road you will find the entrance to Askold's grave.

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