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Dating in Kiev

Dating in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine

Everything You Need To Know about Dating Ukrainian Women in Kiev (Kyiv)

There is something about Ukrainian girls that sets them apart from almost every other culture. Maybe it is Slavic genetics, beautiful almond shaped eyes, or full inviting lips and high cheek bones.


Or maybe it's the way Ukrainian girls take care of their appearance. Ukrainian girls are happy to emphasize their femininity and sexuality. And if that's not enough then maybe the mixture of brains and beauty will ring your bell. Ukrainian women are intelligent, funny and know their worth so treat them with respect.


 Whatever it is about women from Kiev (Kyiv) one thing is for sure, Kiev (Kyiv) is full of beauty.

So You Want To Date

Now pay attention! If you are to have any success dating a Ukrainian woman you will need to understand their mentality.

Ukrainian women fall into 3 categories. The good girls that will never sleep with you until you are in a meaningful relationship, the bad girls that see foreigners as "cash-machines" and the girls that want to improve their English and just hang-out.
The main factor in dating Ukrainian girls is overcoming their suspicions of you. For many years Ukraine was seen as a sex tourist destination. Ukrainian women look for a stable enduring relationship, not one-night stands. Things have moved on a bit since, but Ukrainian women are still deeply suspicious of foreign men and you will need to overcome this and reassure them. But don't "bullshit them", most Ukrainian girls are clever and intelligent. Remember, girls from Kiev are used to chancers, they will see through your lies straight away.

Cool girl from Kiev
The Good Girls

Do not think that just because Ukrainian girls dress seductively that they are all “easy girls”. Actually you would be completely wrong. Femininity and beauty are important to Ukrainian women and compliments about their appearance are greatly appreciated. So despite the way they dress, you will find Ukrainian women's moral standards very high. There are many reasons for this, culturally no "nice girl" wants to be perceived as easy and ready to drop her knickers to the first rich foreigner. Kiev (Kyiv) is often described as a small village (despite a population of about 2.8 million) and gossip travels fast so no girl likes a reputation. Another reason is that Ukrainian's are spiritual, religious and behave with moral integrity. You will need to treat these women with respect, act like a gentleman and wait until she is ready. One thing to look out for; decent Ukrainian girls will not ask you for gifts or money, but appreciate thoughtful small presents. The great news is that if you are lucky enough to find yourself a nice Ukrainian girl then she is likely to be loyal, honest and a good home-maker.

Beautiful Ukrainian women
The Bad Girls

So you have heard the saying "Good girls go to Heaven and bad girls go everywhere". Well the "bad girls" in Kiev (Kyiv) do go everywhere and do everything you want if you have enough money. Economically Ukraine is not doing too well and a means to survival is money or gifts for sex. If you are here looking for sex then this page is not for you - But you might be interested in Adult Entertainment

Sex in Ukraine

Girls who just Hang - out

I'The great thing about Ukrainian girls is their sincere straightforward honesty.The difficulty for many foreign men is understanding the signals and where the "red lines" are. Gone are the days when a westerner could attract girls just by being foreign. The girls in Kiev (Kyiv) have seen it all before and are looking to a future that provides them with security, love and a person they can respect and be respected by. Many girls in Kiev, especially students, are always open to meeting foreign guys. They might flirt a bit, be happy to dance with you, chat and drink and you might possibly be able to steal a kiss if your lucky, but that is where it will end. The chances are they just happy to hang-out with you, practice their English and have some good clean fun. Don't be disappointed if you go home alone. 

Ukrainian Women

The Do's and Don'ts of Dating

Sometimes what is acceptable and usual back home is not the same elsewhere. Here are a few handy pointers to help your chances of dating end with a kiss rather than a slap.

  1. Do make an effort to dress to impress, Ukrainian girls like to see you made an effort.

  2. Do bring flowers or chocolates for your lady, but never an even number of flowers as this is traditionally only for funerals.

  3. Don't be arrogant and loud, Ukrainian women respect good manners. 

  4. Do open doors and act like a gentleman, Ukrainian women expect to be treated like princesses.

  5. Don't confuse Ukraine with Russia, they are totally different.

  6. Don't be offended by direct questions, Ukrainian's are open and sometimes frighteningly frank and honest. If they do not like something they will tell you.

  7. Do act confidently and assured. Ukrainian women like to feel protected.

  8. Don't wait for her to make the first move. In Ukrainian culture women expect men to take the initiative so go and talk to her, but don't be put off if she does not at first appear interested as this is normal.

That's it! Life is full of chance but I hope this gives you slightly more increased odds of success.

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