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Internet and Mobile in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine

What is the Best SIM card to use in Kyiv (Kiev)

Internet access on mobile phones in Kiev (Kyiv) and Ukraine is very cheap and reliable. Ukraine ranks 4th in the world for the cheapest mobile internet and in Kiev you won't have any problems finding free WiFi networks to connect to in bars and restaurants. What you don't want is to be landed with huge roaming charges, so make sure you turn off data roaming or better still purchase a local pre-paid SIM card with data and messaging from the many outlets across Kiev. Most staff in stores speak at least a small amount of English and will be a able to set you up in no time. The best pre-paid SIM cards in Kiev are Kyivstar and Vodofone Ukraine.

SIM card in Ukraine

SIM cards in Kiev (Kyiv)


Bring a spare phone with you to Kiev (Kyiv). Sim cards are really cheap and you can save yourself  a lot of data usage (and money) by using a local SIM card. There are lots of places to purchase them from but be careful to check the tariffs.

Calling from the UK and outside of Ukraine

The country code for Ukraine is +380. So for example you would dial 00380 then the full international number minus the 0. If a number already includes the +380 country code, replace the (+) with (00). For example if you are dialling from the UK: Example Ukraine number 066 1234567 would be dialled like this ...

Ukraine Number
Dialling from UK

066 1234567                            00380 66 1234567

+380 66 1234567                     00 380 66 1234567

+380 (0)66 1234567.                00 380 66 1234567

If your calling from the United States you will need to follow these instructions: Dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 380, the country code for Ukraine. Then dial the 2-digit area code followed by the 7 digit number. This principle works from which ever country you call from, but do check rates before calling.

How To Call From Ukraine

The most important first step is to dial the exit code for Ukraine which is 00. For example if you wanted to call the UK from Ukraine:

Dial 00 44, then the UK number without its preceding zero. If you dial from a landline phone, you should pause after the first zero and wait for a second dial tone before continuing.

If you want to call theUnited States it would be as follows:

First dial the exit code 00, followed by 1 then the area code followed by the phone number. This principal works from which ever country you call to, but please check call rates.

WiFi Connectivity in Ukraine

Kiev (Kyiv) is a modern city with high technological skills. You will not necessarily need a local SIM card as you will have no problem finding WiFi connectivity, almost every restaurant, hotel, bar and cafe supports this. 

Although you will not need a local SIM card, it might be a good idea to purchase one anyway. They are extremely cheap, easily available and will save you racking-up expensive call charges on your home phone.

If you are in the centre of Kiev (Kyiv) you will easily be able to purchase local SIM cards from just about anywhere. The moment you set foot on a main street you will see many little kiosks.They sell everything you’d expect; drinks, magazines, cigarettes, snacks, and of course SIM cards. But for the best advice go into a dedicated store.

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