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View over Kiev

Leonid Bykov Monument

Leonid Bykov was a Ukrainian Soviet actor and film director who tragically died in a road accident in 1979 on the way from Minsk to Kiev (Kyiv). The Leonid Bykov monument sits high on a hill overlooking the Pechersk Lavra and the river Dnieper. Great viewpoint for some awesome panoramic pictures overlooking Kyiv.

Leonid Bykov Monument Kyiv Ukraine

Ukrainian Leonid Bykov was a legend of Soviet cinema and most people born in the Soviet Union would instantly recognize the monument as the character of aviator "Tytarenko"  from the epic film “Only old men die". 

Bykov himself always wanted to fly. He tried to enter pilots’ school twice, but failed the first time because he was too young and too short. At his second attempt the war ended and the authorities closed his school. 


Leonid Bykov

How to get there

Excellent viewpoint for pictures but slightly off the beaten track. Best way to reach the monument is to take a metro Arselnalna station. You will then be able to experience the deepest metro station in the world, and the second longest escalator in the world. Exit Arsenalna metro to the left and walk towards the Park of Eternal Glory.

As you reach the Park of Eternal Glory you will see an underpass that crosses the road. When you exit the underpass look left and walk towards a hill going downwards. Stay to the right on the side of the river Dnieper. After a few minutes you will see the Leonid Bykov Monument perched on the side of the hill overlooking Kyiv.

After visiting the monument you might want to continue down the hill to Askold's grave. Or maybe go back the way you came and continue on through Park of Eternal Glory.

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