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Rusanivka Quay Kyiv (Kiev)

Rusanivka is such an underrated area, an escape from the busy city centre into a greener more relaxed place. And all of this just four metro stops from Khreschatyk, the centre of Kyiv (Kiev). Rusanivka is situated on the left bank of the river Dnieper and stretches for around 1.5 kilometers. Originally Rusanivka was not a part of the city until it changed under Communist rule, and a housing area or so called “sleeping district” was created for workers in the 1960’s. At the same time the soviet’s created a man-made island surrounded by a canal and an artificial lake. There is a walking path along the bank of the river that completely circles the island. Much of the soviet architecture still shapes the general appearance of Rusanivka. Lately, however, the area has gained a more modern look with new buildings popping up and the Kiev authorities have made improvements to the embankment, which now has a huge park with playgrounds, running tracks and new Café’s and restaurants. There are some lovely views across to the awesome Motherland Monument  and the Pechersk Lavra, plus plenty of good cafe's and restaurants to enjoy. Other highlights are the fountains and boat harbour. 

River Grill Restaurant Kiev

Places To Eat

Spoilt for choice but our tip is pick the place to eat depending on the season. For summer and the warmer months book a table at River Grill restaurant or Smorodyna (Ukrainian for “black currant”), as they are situated on the river embankment. In the cooler months try Georgian restaurant Matsoni or Tarantino, a restaurant for traditional Italian cuisine.

There are also plenty of places for breakfast, Soul Cafe is particularly good.

Rusanivka Fountains

Places To Walk

Rusanivka embankment stretches for around 1.5 kilometers, so it’s never overcrowded with people. If you arrive by metro from Livoberezhna station, turn left and walk past the tourist hotel then cross the bridge on the embankment side. You will pass restaurant Smorodyna and if you keep walking you will eventually pass River Grill restaurant. Further past that you will see a lake on the other side of the road.

Tourist Hotel Kiev

Places To Stay

If your looking for somewhere "cheap & cheerful" then the Tourist Hotel Kiev will do you nicely. It is not glamorous, the rooms are pretty basic but all the amenities you would expect of a 3 star hotel. If your looking for something a little bit more cosy then try Light Hotel & Hub. It is a bit tucked-away (around the side of restaurant Puzata Hata), but it is very comfortable, clean and secure.

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