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Ivan Franko Theatre

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre

If you want to learn and understand a little about Ukrainian culture then the Ivano Franko Drama Theatre is a great place to start. The theatre was built in 1898, and the theatre, named after the famous Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko, has been performing since 1926. The repertoire consists of classical, dramatic and musical performances. Performances are in Ukrainian. It has been the working place for some of the most famous Ukrainian artists and actors. ​The theatre consists of a main stage with 800 seats and the ‘Serhiy Danchenko’ chamber stage with 150 seats. Today, the theatre’s drama repertory plays many performances , representing the richness of theatrical art containing both contemporary and classical plays. Performances of the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama theatre are regularly invited to different theatre festivals in Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, Russia, Germany, Greece and the USA, take part in contests and have been awarded internationally.

The nearest Metro is Khreshatyk. 

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Ivan Franco Theatre
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