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Koleso Kyiv Academic Theatre

Koleso Kyiv Academic Theatre

Kyiv Theatre "Koleso" (which means the wheel) was founded in 1988 by Iryna Klishchevska (art director, director, stage director, actress). In 2008 the Theatre "KOLESO" was awarded academic status. This is a small cosy theatre situated in the old part of Kiev on Andrievski Descent. The theatrical group works on three stages: the main stage, the stage in theatre’s café and the stage with a fire-place. The "Koleso" works in the aesthetics of chamber theatre. The audience are within arm’s reach from the stage and this creates a unique atmosphere .Today "Koleso" theatre is an integral part of cultural life of Kiev (Kyiv). It is situated opposite the museum of Bulgakov, which is the most famous building on the street and close to the charming "Museum of the One street". From the windows of the theatre you can see Andriyivska church (St. Andrews Church) soaring over the top of the hill. 

The Nearest metro station is Kontractova Ploscha, then take the funicular.

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Koleso Academic Theater Kiev
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