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Friendship Arch

Friendship of Nations Arch Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine

Friendship of Nations Arch 

The irony could not be more complete. The Arch was constructed in 1982 as a symbol of eternal "friendship" between  Ukraine and Russia. Given that Ukraine is currently at war with Russia it now takes on a different significance.

The Friendship of Nations Arch in Kyiv (Kiev), or as it is also known, the Peoples Friendship Arch, has special memory for Ukrainians and the people of Kiev (Kyiv). It was opened on 7th November 1982 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the USSR and was a joint celebration of the 1500th anniversary of the city of Kiev. It is a huge structure made of titanium and measures a huge, 50 m (164 ft) in diameter. Underneath the structure you will see a bronze statue depicting Ukrainian and Russian workers holding a medal of the Soviet Order of Friendship of Peoples. 

Friendship of Nations Arch

Where is it Located

Friendship of Nations arch is located on Parkova road in Khreshatyk Park near European square. 

There are many entrances into the park and a significant amount of interesting sightseeing opportunities and spectacular viewing points.

There is a viewing deck nearby where most of the east bank can be viewed, great views across the river Dnipro and good viewing point for the Monument of Prince Volodomyr.

Be sure to take your camera and wear a decent pair of walking shoes.

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