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Ukraine is blessed with incredibly fertile soil and ideal growing conditions. The North-west of Ukraine is covered in dense woodland, perfect for mushrooms. But in the South of the country Ukraine is famed for it's giant plump tomatoes, and deliciously juicy aubergines.


Many of the pickles are made in late Autumn as a way of preserving food for the winter. There is a wonderful word in Ukrainian called "Solinnya" which is used to describe the brine fermentation process - a little bit of salt and a little bit of warmth.

Salads play a big part in Ukrainian diet and culture. Everything seems to be tastier and fresher. Cucumbers are mostly pickled and Ukrainians use lots of herbs in there salads. 

Kiev (Kyiv) cuisine has flourished in recent years and restaurants have access to some of the best fresh food on the planet.

Ukrainian Salads

Olivier salad - Green peas, meat, eggs, potatoes, pickled cucumber, onion, mayonnaise and salt.

Kyivsky salad - Boiled potatoes, mayonnaise, peas, meatballs, onions, egg, and herbs.

HuHutsul varya salad - Boiled beetroot, kidney beans and prunes mixed in a sunflower oil and seasoned

Oseledets - Delicious pickled herring salad with onion, sunflower oil and pepper.

Vinegret - Beetroot & gherkin salad - A classic salad up there with Olivier salad in home grown popularity. It is what it says mixed with peas, potato, onion and generously seasoned. Popular dish which is very tasty.

Ukrainian Pickles

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