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Get into the Christmas Fun in Kiev (Kyiv)

Christmas tree at Sofiyivska Square in Kyiv

#kievchistmas #Kievnewyear The economic impact of Covid-19 in Kyiv has created an awful dilemma for the city's administration. On one hand businesses are barely surviving and on the other hand the pandemic in Kiev (Kyiv) is still at high levels of infection. There is currently a "lockdown" in place from 8th January 2021 - 24th January 2021. Despite the high numbers of Covid cases, most Christmas and New Year activities are currently open.

Seven main winter villages have been created in and around Kiev (Kyiv), set up by either the authorities or private companies. Each winter village has it's own theme offering a variety of entertainment such as skating, children's merry-go-round and Christmas Markets.

The Kyiv administration have advised all visitors not to crowd at one location for too long, but to walk from one location to the another. To encourage visitors to walk, the authorities have decorated the routes with lights and market stalls.

Here are a few of the main Christmas and New Year attractions in Kiev (Kyiv) 2021

Sofiyivska Square Christmas Tree in Kiev Ukraine
Sofiyivska Square Christmas Tree

Sofiyivska Square Kyiv. Open until January 17th.

Traditionally Sofiyivska Square is the centre of Christmas celebrations in Kyiv and a good starting point to explore the other Christmas locations. The centre piece is a 30-meter-high tree decorated with 1,500 toys and 10 kms of stunning lights that hang from the top to the ground and cover almost the whole tree. There are lots of children's activities, including a merry-go-round and there are also adult treats such mulled wine and delicious food sold at the food court.

Top of St. Andrews Descent in downtown Kyiv

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