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War In Ukraine

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Ukrainian army soldier and young army girl
War in Ukraine

14th February 2022 - Ukrainian borders are open for travel

The borders of Ukraine remain open to all Ukrainian and foreign citizens. Whilst a small number of airlines have suspended some services to Ukraine, flights to Ukraine are still in operation. Some insurance companies have temporarily suspended insurance for aircraft. Ukraine is making a financial commitment for the safety of aircraft in Ukrainian airspace and will guarantee the financial obligations of leasing companies.

Why is Ukraine at War

President Putin of Russia is a KGB dinosaur, a left-over relic from the Soviet era. Whilst most of the modern world has moved on and prospered, Putin has led Russia into comparative decline compared to most western economies.

Russia has immense natural resources and a possibility to be a real economic force. Sadly all the wealth is concentrated around 500 super rich Russians who control more wealth than the poorest 99.8% of Russians.

Putin is a dictator propped up by a corrupt inner circle. A dictator who controls the media and who ruthlessly removes any dissenting opposition. The illegal invasion of Ukraine and the Russian annexation the Crimean Peninsula in 2014 was an attempt to reassert Russia's influence in Europe and around the world, to restore the old Soviet bloc. Ukraine is an independent country that has rejected communism and chosen a path of democracy aligning itself with western Europe. Ukraine has the potential to be a highly successful country, both politically and economically. A successful Ukraine on Russia's doorstep would expose Putin's lies and pose a serious threat to his Presidency and legacy. Putin cares nothing for ordinary Russian people and has little regard for human life. The amassing of troops along parts of the Ukrainian border is an act of aggression that could spiral into the largest military conflict on European since the 2nd World War. Ukraine is a proud nation and will defend it's borders against any Russian aggression. Putin is a corrupt dictator and a threat to world peace. The free and democratic world must support Ukraine and all countries against corrupt dictators like Putin. Slava Ukraine - Heroyam slava!” (Glory to Ukraine - Glory to heroes! - Mark Stratford 15/02/2022

As of February 11th 2022 both the UK and US embassy's have advised against all travel to Ukraine for the time-being. Please check your government Embassy website before making your travel plans to Ukraine.

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