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Ukrainian beer

Beer & Cocktails in Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine

Mixologists & masters of  cocktails, basement Speakeasies and a nightlife that is truly unique. Kiev (Kyiv) has gained a reputation as  a 24/7 bar scene city that’s competing with the best the rest of Europe has to offer, and what's more – it is super tasty & very affordable .

Ukraine Beer

Ukrainian Beer

Beer (or pivo as the Ukrainians call it) has been gaining high praise in recent years.
In most bars in Kiev you can buy both Ukrainian and well known international brands. Be aware of the higher alcohol content.Ukrainian beer tends to be stronger than American and western European beers. If you see the word, "mittens" this means strong, so expect alcohol content of around 7%. Ukrainian beer can best be likened to Czech and German beer.

Ukrainian Soft Drinks


Rye bread kvass is a traditional Ukrainian non-alcoholic fermented drink that has been, and still is enjoyed by eastern Europeans for at least a thousand years. It is made of 100% rye bread or rye bread leftovers. It is made by a quick lactic fermentation, which results in a very tasty, slightly sour drink. It is also well known for its health properties and is a tonic for digestion, an excellent thirst quencher and, consumed after vodka, as an antidote to a hangover”. Very popular in the summer and often sold on the street from yellow tanks.

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