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Summer in Kyiv 2022

Sunny Kiev (Kyiv) days and sizzling Hot Nightlife 

Although Kiev (Kyiv) is a long way from the sea it may surprise you to know that Kyiv has nearly 75 km of sandy beaches. And you will not be short of things to do, you can quite easily hire boats, jet-ski or pretty much any other form of water sports.


If your based in the centre of Kyiv the two main areas for beach life and beach clubs are Hydropark and Trukhaniv Island. There are many small beaches and bays along the river bank, You might even find yourself on one of Kyiv's naturist beaches. And summer fun is not only for those in the centre of Kyiv, There are many beautiful lakes such as Blue Lake in Pidhirtsi village 15 minutes outside of Kyiv. 

Beaches and Beach clubs in Kiev (Kyiv)

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Kiev (Kyiv) Climate in summer

Kiev average weather Chart

Visiting Kiev (Kyiv) in Summer is one of the best times of the year. During the months of May, June, July and August you are likely to experience plenty of warm sunny days with pleasant average temperatures. Daytime temperatures average 25-30°C, but sometimes much higher, 35°C or more, especially inland areas. Kyiv can get very hot and "clammy" in the summer so make sure you have some bottled water handy.​

Best Beach Clubs in Kiev (Kyiv)

Bora Bora Beach Club

Address: Kiev, Hydropark, Molodezhnyi' beach
Opening times : 10:00 - 22:00

Tucked away down a dirt-track path in the forest is a super little beach club. The Bora Bora Beach Club is an escape from the heat of city life, a place to chill and relax in the company of beautiful people. 

This a place to hang-out and pose, drink a few beers and enjoy the view (of course I am talking about the view across the river Dnieper, not the women))). 

The beach club has 2 small swimming pools, restaurant and sun-beds for hire. Music can be a bit loud sometimes but this adds to the party feel of the place. A bit expensive by Kyiv standards but good value for Western European travellers. Not easy to find so best to take a taxi.

Olmeca Plage

Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 9:00-03:00

Olmeca Plage is a larger version of Bora Bora Beach club and is situated next to it on the river Dnieper. It is part of restaurants group “Nasha Karta” owned by  Nikolay Tishchenko, so a more extensive menu than Bora Bora and a larger restaurant.

This is another great place to escape the city, and just like it's neighbour, a place where hot women can be found cooling down. Olmeca Plage  has more going on, bigger pool, playground for children, fitness equipment in the open air, a massage parlor, and professional volleyball courts.

This is upmarket and exclusive beach club so comparatively more expensive for Ukrainians than other beach clubs, but good value for most foreigners. Situated in a forest so take a taxi.

City Beach Club

Address: Antonovycha St, 176, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000 - Situated on top of Ocean Plaza Mall

City Beach Club is a party place on the roof of a shopping mall. It gets hot in Kyiv so if you want to escape the heat and you are in the middle of the city, then why not get yourself up to the 7th floor of Ocean Plaza Shopping Mall and chill out.


There are ups & downs (excuse the pun) to this roof-top beach club. On the negative side the music is pretty loud which makes it a little difficult to talk and relax. On the positive side always plenty of women here during the day, probably told their husbands they are going shopping but end-up sunbathing and drinking alcohol.

As day turns to night it becomes more of a party club. Free entrance but pay for sunbeds. Little expensive for locals but not too bad for the rest. 

UBK Beach

Address: Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
No metro available

To reach the beach you will need to take a taxi or walk to Parkovyi Bridge and then cross the bridge to Trukhaniv Island.

So the Dnieper river is huge, and it is also home to some small Islands. One of the best known is Trukhaniv Island which can be entered across Parkoviy Bridge or by boat. 

UBK Beach Club is situated on the right as you leave the bridge on the Island. Follow a dirt-track path for about 5 minutes and stay near to the shore-line. The Beach Club is situated on the Islands largest beach. By day this place is quiet and a good place to grab a cold drink and chill. By night it turns into a party place and is home to Kiev's Hedonism festival. Check the website diary for live concerts and DJ sets.


Address: TRUKHANIV ISLAND, Park Road 3, Kyiv Ukraine

To reach the beach you will need to take a taxi or walk to Parkovyi Bridge and then cross the bridge to Trukhaniv Island.

Opening Times: 09:00 - 21:00

If you make it across the bridge and your looking for something a little more up-market than UBK Beach then Sandali would be a good choice. It's more of a locals place and subsequently prices are very reasonable. It is a quiet and relaxing place built on a large area in the forest near the river bank with it's own beach. There are plenty of facilities here including restaurant, small swimming pool with sun loungers, bar area and it even has some chalets to hire if you wish to sleep over.

It has only been open since 2017 so everything looks new and is well maintained. Not easy to find but worth the effort if your looking to get away from the bustle of the city and just relax.

The river Dnieper is the third largest river in Europe and taking a boat trip is a great way to enjoy some leisurely sightseeing. Most of the cruises start at the river port station which is situated in Podil, nearest metro Poshtova Ploshcha. 

If you don't fancy the boat trip then a walk along the river embankment starting at the river port can be just as fulfilling. During the summer months there are street food "pop-ups", live music and bars.

There are 2 ways of booking a boat trip. Booking on line is possible but going through a third-party website is more expensive than booking direct. There are a few "dodgy" operators so choose carefully. We recommend a company called Kyiv River Station . The website is in Ukrainian and so is their Facebook Page, use Google Translate on website page. 

Or Maybe A Boat Trip

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